Monday, January 10, 2011

music monday.

well, every day is a music day. but i couldn't resist the alliteration...that's what it is, right?
anyway, i realize that 2010 is over, but i had to make a teensy list of the best of the best of '10!

twenty-ten's BEST OF THE BEST:

1. sleigh bells, "treats":
these two put on an absolutely EPIC show. i saw the brooklyn-based duo live a few months ago, and the energy that alexis krauss (vocals) and derek e. miller (guitarist, songwriter) put into their shows is outrageous. they've been called "noise pop," but that just doesn't do sleigh bells justice. the attractive twosome have created an 80's dance-punk-rock-indie sound that's all their own. clearly, people are catching on, as their track, "kids," has recently been featured on a preview for mtv's new version of the british television show, skins. just turn on "riot rhythm" and prepare for the energetic jump-dancing that will no doubt ensue.

2. the black keys, "brothers":
they've released five previous albums, but these ohio cuties have shot to fame since the release of "brothers" in may. the duo's (dan auerbach and patrick carney) bluesy-rock-with-a-twinge-of-funk sound has a simultaneously vintage and modern feel that has attracted a multitude of fans. the whole album is amazing, but if you don't trust me, they made the cover of spin magazine's "best of 2010" issue. make sure to check out "the only one."

3. two door cinema club, "tourist history":
i'm not exaggerating in the least when i say that i literally danced to this album ALL summer long. i probably embarassed myself by bouncing along to the album on the subway all the way to my internship everyday. this trio of boys from northern ireland haven't made a huge splash in terms of garnering attention, however, slowly but surely (starting with a mention on kanye west's blog) they're gaining the massive number of fans they deserve. i can't help but smile at the amazing dance electro-pop that these guys (alex trimble, sam halliday, and kevin baird) have created. if not the whole album, make sure to at least listen to "do you want it all?" and "what you know."

4. mumford and sons, "sigh no more":
these four inexplicably grabbed me by the heart from my very first listen. i almost can't even verbalize the emotion that marcus mumford, country winston, ben lovett, and ted dwane evoke with every listen to their folksy, initially delicate then passionately bold musical story-songs. this west london group has exploded onto the scene and has now been nominated for two grammy awards. "winter winds" and "white blank page" are my favorites. 

5. crystal castles, "crystal castles":
so, i'm kind of obsessed with ethan kath (producer) and alice glass (vocalist). embarassingly so, actually. there may or may not have been an event where a dj played their track "vanished," and i started screaming, "ohmygod crystal castles!!!!" to the embarassment of several of my friends...anyway, the toronto electronic duo's music has been described by the BBC as covering "a nuanced emotional territory that dance music never covered before." i guess you'll just have to listen for yourself. just get ready to dance like never before! "vanished" and "magic spells" are absolute necessities. 

here's hoping that 2011 will bring us even more incredible stuff.


  1. nice list! between your name and your taste, i would not be surprised if you were from Seattle.
    keep posting!

    ::Supporting Seattle Music Thru Kickstarter

  2. thanks, mark! i do love seattle, but am actually from north carolina.