Wednesday, January 12, 2011

musician couples alert!

my absolute favorites, johnny and june.

i think music couples are fascinating. what is it though, exactly? obviously people naturally are interested in famous people, but there's more to it when they're two musicians. something about the immense amount of creativity between two musicians in a relationship makes me wonder what kind of brilliant conversations they might have. add to that the highly attractive factor of most of these couples, plus the potential for explosive emotions/breakups, and you might find yourselves wondering about what their lives are like together. my all-time favorite music couple is johnny cash and his wife, june carter cash. there's no guarantee that any music couples today will be as wildly popular, prolific in their music, or even last as a couple, but they sure are cute....

Ben Gibbard & Zooey Deschanel

i absolutely love this couple. i'm semi-obsessed with zooey and her torch-singer voice (and gorgeous hair/clothes), and have been a fan of ben since my pseudo-emo high school days. ben, of death cab for cutie (among other side projects), married zooey, of she & him (with m. ward) in 2009 and they have kept an impressively low-profile ever since. they're rarely seen out, which is probably good, but i still wish i could see more of them!

Johnathan Rice & Jenny Lewis

johnathan and jenny are on their way to becoming indie royalty. jenny already is known throughout the indie world as an amazing songstress, the vocalist for the band rilo kiley, as well as a solo artist. johnathan is also a solo singer-songwriter. these two have been dating for awhile now, and their newest project is together, as the band jenny & johnny. they released their album i'm having fun now in august and are currently on tour. their first single "big wave" was one of my favorite songs of the summer. check them out at

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