Tuesday, January 25, 2011

are you ashamed to like mainstream music? i used to be.

don't hate! i used to be embarassed to have mainstream pop in my music repertoire, but hey, there's some awesome stuff out there!
lady gaga

lady gaga, our reigning princess of pop, has said that even though "pop music was considered to be annoying or corporate or unimportant," she did it anyway.

gaga has a point! while indie music is undoubtedly my favorite the majority of the time, i'm no longer embarassed to LOVE pop.

so on that note...
britney spears

anyone who knows me knows my love for Princess Britney Spears - she was my first concert after all! anyway, girlfriend is back and kicking everyone's butt already. "hold it against me" is killing it on the charts (it debuted at #1), and the release of her album will no doubt be epic.

ps: anyone notice the seriously amazing dubstep situation happening in "hold it against me"?

katy perry

my girl katy perry just announced north american tour dates for her California Dreams tour (hooray), and EVEN BETTER, her opening acts are: swedish pop star robyn (awesome) and marina and the diamonds (i just wrote about marina last week!)

yeah, i love ke$ha! so what?

long story short: there's lots to love and lots happening in the mainstream pop world - have an open mind and find your thing.


  1. ok i live and breathe for everyone here except for Kesha (i will not dignify her by putting a dollar sign in her name) she makes me want to vom in my own mouth. (which i'm pretty sure she does on a regular basis..

  2. hahaha. and ke$ha's amazing. but how hot does katy perry look in that picture?!