Monday, April 18, 2011

songs for: lying around

my friends and i were hit by a drunk driver the other night, and while we're all fine (thankfully!), i've been spending a lot of time in bed thanks to my newly busted-up leg and brain that feels like scrambled eggs. obviously this calls for plenty of music to occupy me, so i want to share my playlist of songs that help me not feel bad or lazy for chilling out and lying in bed. put it to good use! and also, don't drink and drive like that dummy!

1. "january" - headlights

2. "all or nothing" - au revoir simone

3. "northern lights" - bowerbirds

4. "irene" - caribou

5. "flightless bird, american mouth" - iron & wine

6. "land locked blues" - bright eyes

7. "nantes" - beirut

8. "rill rill" - sleigh bells

9. "i will possess your heart" - death cab for cutie

10. "baby's arms" - kurt vile

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

humpday track

broken bells

broken bells released their self-titled debut almost exactly a year ago. now the dream team (james mercer of the shins and famed producer danger mouse) are back with a new EP, Meyrin Fields

at only 4 tracks and 11 minutes long, it's far too short, but a signal that the two aren't slowing down or falling prey to the sophomore slump (if you can call it that, since both guys make music outside of bb). this mini follow-up has me excited for what's next for them. i keep changing my mind about which song is my favorite, but right now i can't stop listening to "an easy life." it has broken bells' distinct, catchy sound and great production. accompanied by a calming beat and mercer's unmistakable voice, it simultaneously makes me want to listen in bed on repeat all day...or jump up and run around.

give it a listen.


Monday, April 4, 2011


hey nerds!

since it's monday i'm obviously thinking about parties...? i think the perfect party playlist doesn't stick to the same genre - it mixes pop, dance, rock, hip-hop, basically all the essentials. luckily, some insanely amazing party music has been released in the past few days/weeks.

here are my absolute BEST party music choices as of late: 

1. new peter bjorn and john, finally! the trio exploded onto the scene with their whistle-filled pop in 2007, and they're back with Gimme Some. catchy tracks "Dig a Little Deeper" and "Second Chance" are perfect party songs. also add "Tomorrow Has To Wait" to that - with lyrics like 'it's the time of your life so tomorrow has to wait / tonight's tonight and tomorrow is a million miles away,' it's a perfect addition.

2. oh land is the Danish beauty that everyone's been talking about lately. her self-titled release is full of great songs, and the best for your next fiesta are "Sun of a Gun" and "We Turn It Up."

3. britney Spears, DUH! Princess Brit's latest album, Femme Fatale, came out last week, and my favorite so far is "Till the World Ends." its synth-pop beats are perfect for a little later on in the party when everyone's ready to dance (even the manliest of dudes will dance to britney once they're drunk).

4. mikey jukebox's self-titled album is full of 80s-inspired rock/pop that's perfect for a party. try "baby, baby, baby," "come on along," and "we don't stop 'til the kids R dancin'"

hope y'all enjoy these party tunes. make a playlist with these new releases, add some black keys, lil wayne, passion pit, jay-z, phoenix, and rolling stones and you're set.