Monday, April 18, 2011

songs for: lying around

my friends and i were hit by a drunk driver the other night, and while we're all fine (thankfully!), i've been spending a lot of time in bed thanks to my newly busted-up leg and brain that feels like scrambled eggs. obviously this calls for plenty of music to occupy me, so i want to share my playlist of songs that help me not feel bad or lazy for chilling out and lying in bed. put it to good use! and also, don't drink and drive like that dummy!

1. "january" - headlights

2. "all or nothing" - au revoir simone

3. "northern lights" - bowerbirds

4. "irene" - caribou

5. "flightless bird, american mouth" - iron & wine

6. "land locked blues" - bright eyes

7. "nantes" - beirut

8. "rill rill" - sleigh bells

9. "i will possess your heart" - death cab for cutie

10. "baby's arms" - kurt vile

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