Wednesday, April 6, 2011

humpday track

broken bells

broken bells released their self-titled debut almost exactly a year ago. now the dream team (james mercer of the shins and famed producer danger mouse) are back with a new EP, Meyrin Fields

at only 4 tracks and 11 minutes long, it's far too short, but a signal that the two aren't slowing down or falling prey to the sophomore slump (if you can call it that, since both guys make music outside of bb). this mini follow-up has me excited for what's next for them. i keep changing my mind about which song is my favorite, but right now i can't stop listening to "an easy life." it has broken bells' distinct, catchy sound and great production. accompanied by a calming beat and mercer's unmistakable voice, it simultaneously makes me want to listen in bed on repeat all day...or jump up and run around.

give it a listen.


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